Corporate event photography:  Brandlive’s Pride Palooza

Corporate event photography: Brandlive’s Pride Palooza

On June 23, Portland’s Brandlive celebrated Pride Month with fun, games and a serious message, or in Brandlive’s own words,  an evening with ” a celebration of all LGBTQ+ identities, Best in Class Drag Performances- notably led by the fabulous Alexis Campbell Star- and Bingo to benefit the Cascade AIDS Project”. 

If you’re not familiar with it, The Cascade AIDS Project advocates at the local, state and federal levels for public policies that promote the health and wellness of people living with HIV, LGBTQ+ communities, and people of color.

For me, this was corporate event photography at its most athletic- walking backwards at high speed through a crowded room, balancing camera and flash to photograph the performers in action.  Just about every technological trick my camera could manage, from through-the-lens metering to tracking focus, was required to keep these dramatic actors locked in the frame. 

Full disclosure:  I stepped on a few toes, including my own.

Thank you Brandlive!




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