The Gathering of the Clans (Part II)

The trend continues… the return of corporate gatherings and holiday celebrations after two years of isolation.   They are celebrations of the spirit:  a chance to not just see co-workers in…

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Steens Mountain Starship

It’s a ten hour drive from Portland to the summit of Steens Mountain, in remote Harney County in Oregon’s sparsely settled southeast corner.  At almost 10,000 feet in elevation, Steens…

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Brandlive’s Pride Palooza

On June 23, Portland's Brandlive celebrated Pride Month with fun, games and a serious message, or in Brandlive's own words,  an evening with " a celebration of all LGBTQ+ identities,…

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Aftermath of the Aftermath Project

A year-long documentary I photographed, called "The Aftermath Project," chronicled individuals and communities affected by the devastating Oregon Labor Day fires of 2020. Receiving critical acclaim when the project was…

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The Hero of the Week Award

Along with Spring has come an upswing in corporate photography work, a great sign that the business and corporate worlds  are moving steadily back to normal.   A perfect example was…

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