environmental portraits


Environmental Portraits and Projects

An environmental portrait is visual story-telling, like a movie but in this case,  within the borders of a still photograph.   Environmental portraits are a combination of portraiture, journalism, and cinematography, casting a participant as an actor in a personal story of work, recreation, romance or hobbies.  These unique photo expressions have become so popular that they often shape-shift as executive portraits, engagement photos, and even headshots.   Besides skilled photography, they require imagination, brainstorming and- yes- some acting ability on the part of the participant!



The Aftermath Project

The Aftermath Project is a documentary about the impact of the 2020 Oregon Labor Day fires on communities and individuals.  It required a year of field work and hundreds of miles of travel through areas affected by the largest single wildfire event in Oregon’s history.   The Aftermath Project was set to the the orchestration of Barber’s Adagio for Strings and performed at the 2021 Siletz Bay Music Music Festival, as a tribute to those who survived the fires, and those who sadly didn’t.  But in addition, the Aftermath Project is a meditation on the human spirit in the face of threats like global warming.


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